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Measuring environmental parameters for effective green strategy implementation

The World Health Organization has recently stated that air pollution is the most harmful environmental hazard and causes 400,000 deaths in the developed world each year. 90% of the European urban population is exposed to increased levels of air pollutants. Natural processes and human activities such as transport, agriculture, heating, and waste incineration, cause carbon dioxide and particulate matter to come into environment in the form of powder and are increasing mortality rates caused by respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. This is becoming a more and more serious issue in providing a quality urban life. If cities want to follow environmental standards, reduce the number of illnesses induced by air pollution, and aim to lower emissions, they will first have to start changing their attitude towards the environment and, above all, take action.

Innovative solution, which supports cities in achieving this, was successfully implemented in Ljubljana, European Green Capital 2016. As it was mentioned in February blog, the first network of Libelium’s environmental sensors was set up in BTC City, which is one of the biggest shopping & business area in Europe with 21 milion visitors a year. Sensors are installed in the BTC City shopping area in Hala A location to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitric Dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Particle Matter (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10) and Noise Level. Two sensors are equipped with solar cells and therefore is not need a power supply, while others are powered by electricity. Sensor communication is proceeding by the Gateway 868 protocol, which requires that sensors are located within a radius of 500 meters. Communication among the SmartCityPlatform and the Gateway is run via WIFI.

This solution supports BTC Company to follow their Mission Green strategy, which is oriented towards sustainable development and creating a better environment for the people, visitors and local businesses. BTC Mission Green strategy goals are very much aligned with sustainable goals of the City of Ljubljana. Following the successful story of implementing network of sensors in BTC Company, we designed a Green City Kit in co-operation with Libelium. The kit allows the cities to carefully measure key environmental parameters in real-time and monitor these measurements in our SmartCityPlatform. SmartCityPlatform is an innovative platform for digital transformation of cities. The platform serves cities as a smart governance tool and a big data market place, and creates value for future city development by including city residents in decision-making as well. SmartCityPlatform enables better management of urban, socio-economic and technological development of the city and helps city leaders to make better decisions for creating a green city. More information about Green City Kit you can found HERE.

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