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Koprivnica with ISO 37120 certificate placed on the map of smart cities

ISO 37120 certification represents the indicators by which the level of quality of life in the city is determined. For smaller cities, as well Koprivnica, this represents an opportunity for a real comparison with other major cities because they all have to follow pre-determined methodology and regulatory requirements of the certificate.

For successful development projects to improve public administration, municipal infrastructure and quality of life in towns and cities, key individuals and groups at the forefront of the city that have clear vision and goals are crucial. Neither the size of the city, neither the budget play the key role in this success. The most important are co-finances from EU funds and the flexibility of smaller cities. “There are significantly more smaller smart cities, because they have to try harder to come to the forefront,” says Zvonimir Novosel, Mayor of Jastrebarsko, town in Croatia.

The fact is that smart city technologies and the development of such centres are increasingly coming to the forefront, not only in Croatia but in Europe altogether. Koprivnica has become a leader in Croatia in this area. Koprivnica is the first Croatian city and also one of only seven in Europe, which has recently become the holder of the certificate Smart city ISO37120 Standard. The city has managed to achieve the highest possible level of certification – Platinum ISO 37120 certificate. Only 31 cities in the world earned mentioned certificate for the level of quality of life and governance. With the help of partners, such as the Croatian Telekom and Slovenian SmartIScity, Koprivnica managed to get this challenging and prestigious acknowledgment for the direction in which the development of the city itself moves. To obtain ISO certification, awarded from year 2014, Koprivnica achieved a successful confirmation of 94 indicators from a total of 100 in 17 different areas of urban development, such as the economy, education, health, security, transport, water supply, management of trash. Mayor of Koprivnica, Mišel Jakšić, said that with the implementation of projects such as smart street lighting, waste disposal, energy efficiency and the digitalisation of public administration strategy, Koprivnica wanted to keep strong investors and attract new ones, to minimize the costs of administration and improve the quality of life. “When we decided for smart development, we didn’t have neither the infrastructure nor the tourism, while our economy was based on agriculture. Therefore, we decided to build a city of knowledge and innovation,” says Jakšić.

Certification ISO 37120 was a unique opportunity for comparison with other cities on a global scale, that follow a certain methodology and regulatory requirements of the certificate. For some indicators Koprivnica even outperformed the major European cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, London. For example, for the number of kilometres of bicycle paths, the number of available hospital beds, the number of children enrolled in school, the number of women employed in the city administration, or the number of voluntary firemen … All of course in terms of population of the city.

Smart City Koprivnica is a national pioneer in Croatia and proves that even smaller cities see their future in smart technology, which not only makes life easier, but also improve its quality.

You can find out more about earned ISO 37120 certificate, what, how, when, and all about the assistance, city of Koprivnica received from us, at our stand.

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