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Green cities supported by smart infrastructure

In 2016 we successfuly implemented the first instalation of Libelium is environmental sensors in Ljubljana, the European green capital 2016. In co-operation with BTC City and Libelium companies we designed a Green City Kit that helps cities to monitor environmental parameters. Creating value out of the data collected by sensors, is one of the main purposes of SmartCityPlatform, that supports the Green City Kit.

Today cities need to be ready for the future by recognising future environmental challenges and take advantage of opportunities. The city of Ljubljana did this in many ways already in 2007 with its Vision Ljubljana 2025 and green projects, dervied from thisvision which also led to the prestigious award of being the European Green Capital in 2016. According to the Mayor of Ljubljana Mr. Zoran Janković: ''More cities should adapt the vision of green cities and work towards providing best services for their citizens''.

Cities were founded to provide quality services for their residents and for visitors, which remaines their main task until today. But even if the task remains the same, conditions have changed, since we live in the era of intense urbanization, rapid change and digital transformation. The human touch and empathy of city leaders will continue to be the most important, nevertheless meaningful structured data, derived from smart infrastructure, could bring additional value creation for the cities. According to Dejan Podgoršek from IBM: ''Data is the new currency. If you are able to process it, undrestand it, and make value out of it.''

According to Ljubljana Forum 2016 report, it is more then evident that cities, faced by modern challenges, are increasingly following the direction of sustainability and green growth for which they need specific knowledge and technology provided by smart industry solutions. To achieve sustainable development, cities must develop strategic goals and link them to people and technology, and that's where they need to take advantage of smart city solutions. In order to meet the goals of sustainable green development, cities are connected with the people and technology. In most of the cases cities use smart infrastructure.

Smart City is a long term holistic project. In today's digital era cities are faced with many challenges. But if they are able to seize the opprotunities inherent in them, they will onyl benefit. To realise their potential, cities should see smart technology as an enabler, link it to their strategies, and develop a dialogue with industry providers. Future trends will strongly impact our cities and their infrastructuree, but taking advantage of available smart infrastrusture can help us shift the change towards accessibility, inclusivity and efficiency. If cities open their data to everyone and co-operate with entrepreneurs, they can develop better smart solutions and become players in the global economy. Data collected by sensors enriched by SmartCityPlatform, provide a new value for cities and companies being able to provide new solutions and create new business opportunities.

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